Established 1995


I’m in the early stages of planning a pregnancy. Is it too late for me to come to camp?

No, it is a great time for you to come to Camp. Structured low-protein meals, diet education, and monitoring your plasma phenylalanine will help prepare you for getting focused and on track to have an in-control pregnancy.

Is this camp only for girls who want to get pregnant? I don’t think I’ll be planning a pregnancy anytime soon.

This camp is open to all young women with PKU and MSUD, not just those who want to plan a pregnancy. Staying in good control of your diet is important at every stage of your life, and Metabolic Camp is here to provide you with the tools to help you manage your PKU or MSUD.

I’ve never been around any other girls who have PKU or MSUD. I am shy and don’t like talking about my diet or disorder. Would I fit in okay at camp?

One of the primary goals of Metabolic Camp is to provide social support and empower our campers to take ownership of their disorder. For the entire week you will be surrounded by peers, dietitians, and other camp staff who create a supportive and understanding environment to learn and grow while creating lasting friendships.

I have been in great control of my diet for most of my life and don’t feel like I need this camp to “get back on track”. Would I still benefit from coming to camp?

Part of the social support aspect of Metabolic Camp is to provide mentorship and peer-to-peer support. Having experienced young women who are in good control is helpful for other campers who may be struggling to stay on diet.

I don’t normally like the taste of low-protein foods so I don’t eat them much. Will this be my only option for food while I’m at camp?

All of the camper meals are prepared with both low-protein modified foods (LPMF) and foods that are naturally low in protein like fruits and vegetables. Our camp chef prepares traditional meals with a combination of these ingredients – so you will have the opportunity to try lots of new things throughout the week. If there are meals that you don’t like, the kitchen staff and your counselor can help to prepare meals that you will enjoy.

What is the benefit of participating in research at camp?

When you choose to participate in research at camp, you are not only gaining new knowledge about yourself, but also contributing to the future of treatment and management strategies for PKU and MSUD. Research that is done now will benefit future generations as well as you as you get older with new monitoring methods, foods and formulas, and ways of understanding the natural history of these disorders.