Metabolic Camp – Celebrating 30 Years at Emory University!

Metabolic Camp at Emory University

Support our 30th Annual Metabolic Camp!

June 2024 marks our 30th year of Metabolic Camp at Emory University! Donate today to help us provide campers with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage PKU and MSUD. By doing so, we aim to mitigate the adverse impacts of these conditions, including Maternal PKU Syndrome, ultimately fostering a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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  • Days Until Metabolic Camp:

    Metabolic Camp Countdown

    Important Dates:

    • June 10-15: Metabolic Camp at Emory University
    • April 30: Registration & Payment Deadline
    • May 15, 2024: Camper Packet Forms Due
  • Recruiting for Research Study:

    Qualitative Study for Pregnancy Outcomes of Camp Attendees


    To understand how the Metabolic Camp at Emory University has shaped pregnancy experiences of women with PKU.

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