Camp 2022


Metabolic Camp Experience

Out of abundance of caution due to COVID-19, we will have a virtual camp for 2022, called Metabolic eCamp via Zoom.

Similar to our in-person camp, the virtual camp offers research, education, and social support. Metabolic eCamp will take place June 22-24, 2022, with approximately 30 campers and 20 staff.

eCamp Participant Page


Camp Components

The camp program is comprised of:

  • Nutrition Counseling Groups – Daily nutrition management counseling sessions conducted by medical faculty (registered dietitian) and an assistant (nutrition student).
  • Large Group Classes – Topics may include nutrition management, genetics, maternal PKU, reproductive health, exercise, and others. Classes are taught in large group setting and in breakout groups.
  • Small Activity Groups – Themes may include cooking, medical food taste testing, personal wellness, art, and others. Activities are conducted in small group settings.
  • Social Support – Activities may include icebreakers, games, formal & informal discussions with presenters, staff, and fellow campers.

Typical Day

11:00am-11:25am EST Welcome
11:30am-12:15pm EST Activity Groups
12:20pm-12:45pm EST Virtual Exhibit
12:50pm-1:40pm EST Group Class
1:45pm-2:25pm EST Nutrition Counseling Session
2:30pm-2:55pm EST Virtual Exhibit
3:00pm-3:25pm EST Group Class
3:30pm-4:00pm EST Patient Story |
Daily Recap | Closing

Sample Cooking Class Recipes


There is a minimum of one medical faculty member and one assistant for every 5-7 campers. The faculty is involved in helping campers with daily classes, activities, and nutrition counseling sessions.

Clinical Care

For clinical purposes, all campers are required:

  • To provide a filter paper for plasma amino acids on both the first and third days of the virtual camp.

In order to monitor diet compliance and to identify areas for improvement, each camper also is asked to:

  • Complete 3-day diet records prior to Camp.
  • Complete 3-day diet records during Camp.

These are standard patient management procedures and are not considered a part of the research process. To learn more about the option to participate in Camp research, please visit the About Metabolic Camp page.

Camper Registration

Registration is now closed, so we can take care of our current campers. Please stay tuned for 2023 camp dates!

Camper Packet

Once you have registered (preferably online), you will receive a registration confirmation and a Camper Packet containing information and forms to complete in preparation for camp week. You will receive access to your camper packet online, unless requested otherwise.